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Write on it, fold it, carry it in your wallet!     We put the pocket in pocket calendar!

ItFlipIt Writable Pocket Calendars

Calendars are 12-month folding to credit-card size (dimensions and thickness) and stored in a Tyvek® sleeve. The 12-month has 365 days with some space for writing on each day. All calendars have color-coded holidays and observances marked on each day space. You can then go to a panel on side two and read the relative holidays and observances.

Side one of each calendar is for calendar days, and the reverse has ample month space for detailed notes. This is where you can elaborate on any markings you put in day spaces on side one.  

We believe the limited day space is worth the sacrifice to be able to have your writable planning calendar in your wallet or pocket at all times. Use it to record work hours, appointments, or even how many times your significant other calls you each month. You can always record important information, and of course, know what day it is.



a sample 12-month folding calendar with sleeve

January Jan. 2018- Dec. 2018 Calendar + Tyvek® Sleeve

(Sample illustration may not show actual dates of calendar offered.)

$6.99 ea. (free shipping!)


Our products are purposely small,  designed to be carried in your wallet or pocket.

If you are on vacation for a couple of weeks, you need a calendar you can write on. Who wants to carry a bulky book-like calendar from an office supply store? They call them "Pocket calendars/planners" but they are too thick and big to go in a pocket. You can misplace something like that. We feel confident that your ItFlipIt™ will be as secure as your credit card...duh, same size, right?


Don't let the beauty of the Fisher Space Pen® fool you. On top of Mount Everest, or the moon for that matter -- it's a road hog! Be sure and see the technical sheet that explains how it works. You will then understand why we have adopted it into the ItFLIPIt™ family.

We've combined the calendar and pen with outdoors in mind. With the added poly-zipper bag for water resistance, military, backpackers, hunters and others can rely on COMBOS in the field. We believe you always need to know what day it is, with the added abililty to write something down with reliability.